Reseller Outline

This course will an overview into selling Google Apps product for customers.  This course covers:
  • Product Suite Review
  • Objection Handling
  • Over coming the security issues

  • None 

  • Those involved in reselling Google Apps.
    • Day 1:  Sales focus, those who sell Google Apps
      • it is possible to just attend the first day
    • Day 2,3,4:  Technical focus, Google Apps Domain Administrator, Google Apps Consultants, Google Apps Support
      • attending day one is not required, but those who have pre-sales technical role will find the content very useful

  • 1 day:  Sales
  • 3 day:  Technical

Day 1
  • Who are target customers/ who to hunt?
    • company size
    • industry vertical
    • known events:  e.g., need to renew MSFT Exchange licenses, company acquisitions, end of life, organizational restructuring

  • How do we find target customers?  How to hunt?
    • host events
    • telemarketing
    • lead flow from google

  • How to sell:
    • Apps vision
    • value proposition for customers
    • economic story (TCO, ROI)
    • customer case studies/ success stories

  • Objection handling - Google Apps
    • Security
    • Availability, Reliability
    • Google's long-term commitment
  • Objection handling - Competitors 

Days 2,3,4
This section course will provide a comprehensive hands-on overview to deploy the Google Apps product for customers.  The content includes:
  • Domain registration and verification
  • Managing Users
  • Authentication and Security 
    • Single Sign On
    • SSL 
  • Migration of Mail
  • Deployment Architecture
  • Managing Coexistence
    • Calendar Connector
  • Security & Compliance Configuration
  • Configuration of Administration Console
  • Product Suite Review

Course Completion
At the completion of this course, all attendees will be required to complete and submit
  • Hands-on practical
  • Test
This will be completed after the course is completed.  This course work will be evaluated.  All attendees will be required to achieve a passing grade.

Day 2

Product Suite Overview
  • Partner presentations on product suite benefits

Domain Registration & Verification
  • Purchase a domain
  • Why and how to verify domain with Google Apps
  • When and how to activate email 

Provisioning Users
  • Analysis of different methods of provisioning of users
  • Manual
  • CSV file
  • Provisioning API
  • Directory Sync
  • Pilot strategies
  • Groups
  • Reporting API

Configuration of Admin Console
  • Sites Configuration
  • Video Configuration

Day 3

  • Enabling SSL at domain and user level
  • Integrating a Single Sign-On system
  • Client Login
  • OAuth

  • Overview of Contacts API
  • Use during pilots

Using Mail Client
  • Difference between POP and IMAP
  • Benefits of web client
  • Configure POP client
  • Configure IMAP client
  • Web setting

Mail Migration
  • Analysis of different types of Mail Migration Solutions
  • IMAP mail migration tool within Admin Console
  • Mail Migration API
  • Mail Uploader
  • Mail Fetcher
  • Send Mail as

Working with Support
  • How to file tickets
  • Process flow
  • Google Groups

Day 4

  • Calendar Connector
  • Co-existence strategies for pilots and production

  • Dual Deployment
  • Split Delivery
  • Pilot
  • Pilot to Production
  • Mail Gateway
  • Catch all address
  • Domain aliasing

  • Overview of API
  • Calendar Feed
  • Projection
  • Sharing calendars
  • Domain Settings & Resources

  • Overview of Mobile Options
  • BlackBerry Access
  • iPhone and web access

Message Security & Discovery Service for Google Apps Overview
  • Explore the Message Center and daily Quarantine Summary message
  • Administer Message Security & Discovery for Google Apps Premier Edition
    • Enable Message Security for the domain
    • Configure filtering policies such as attachment and content policies

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