Apps300 + Apps401

Google Apps Advanced Technical Deployment

and Change Management

Course Outline

Duration:  5 Days

This course covers the Google Apps deployment methodology based upon best practices from the field and change management expertise.
This 5-day course is a combination of the Apps300 and Apps401 courses.

The first 3 days of the course focus on deployment planning methodology organized around a customer case study. Emphasis is placed on understanding the pros and cons of the different deployment approaches which help influence the customer to make the right decision. At the end of the 3-day deployment planning workshop, students are expected to present a deployment blueprint and a straw man project plan.

The last 2 days of the course focus on change management activity planning for the three workstreams: readiness, communications and training. Emphasis is placed on understanding best practices and how to apply them in different customer situations. At the end of the two days, participants are expected to be able to tailor readiness, communications and training activities to a specific customer's needs.

Who should attend this class?
  • Project Managers
    • Experience in managing large-scale implementations, time management, and budget constraints.
  • Change Management Specialists
    • Understanding of change management methodologies (communication, training, and ongoing support for users during the Google Apps deployment life cycle)
  • Technical implementation specialists
    • Experience as a Solutions Architect, IT Messaging Administrator (Exchange/Notes/Groupwise Administrator), Network administrator, Security specialist, or System Administrator with programming experience (Java, Python, PERL)

  • Google Partner who has completed a contract with Google
  • Completion of the Apps200 course
  • Basics of Project Management  
  • Basic knowledge of Change Management

Pre-Course Work
  • Once registered, the pre-work assignment will be sent to you.