Chromebooks Training Primer

Course Outline

Duration: 2 Days

This instructor-led course provides extensive training on how to sell and deploy Chromebooks to enterprise customers.  
At the end of the 2-day course you will be able to:
  • Effectively sell Chromebooks to enterprise customers
  • Describe features and benefits of Chromebooks
  • Identify prospects and handle objections
  • Plan a Chromebooks deployment
  • Configure Chromebooks policy administration settings
  • Describe the technical requirements to deploy Chromebooks
  • Understand key deployment issues such as Networking, Security, Remote Access and Printing
  • Perform common troubleshooting tasks
  • Locate online resources

Who Should Attend this Course?
  • Day-1 (Sales Focus): Sales team members including Sales, Sales Engineers, Deployment Specialists and Project Managers
  • Day-2 (Technical Focus): Sales Engineers, Deployment Specialists and Project Managers
  • Note: Technical team members are expected to attend both days of training

  • Familiarity with the suite of Google Apps services
  • Completion of the Apps200 course

Day-1 Topics
  • Chromebooks Sales messaging
  • How to identify a good prospect
  • Chromebooks Sales process
  • Chromebooks components
  • Chromebooks deployment overview
Day-2 Topics
  • Networking
  • Policy Administration details
  • Printing
  • Virtual Desktop Interface
  • Troubleshooting
  • Supporting Chromebooks