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Hong Kong

Location of Training Room:  6/F., Lincoln House, Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Date and Time Information:

 Monday  Sept 28     Start: 10:00
  End:   17:30
 Tuesday Sept 29
  Start: 09:00
  End:   17:30
 Wednesday Sept 30
  Start: 09:00
  End:   17:30
 Thursday Oct 1
  No class
 Friday Oct 2
  Start: 09:00
  End:   16:00

Before Class: 
  1. You will need to purchase a domain for class.  Most top level domains (TLD) will work except .cn.  A .info tld will work.  GoDaddy is a suggested registrar.  You must be able to make CName and MX record changes.  Each attendee will require their own domain. 
  2. Follow the instructions and register the domain for Standard Edition for Google Apps

Requisite:  Review the following videos 

Dress:  Casual

Laptop:  required (Mac or Windows), internet available for use

Requisite Software:  Java 1.6, Python 2.6, Remote Desktop (for Windows or Mac), Open VPN for Windows, Viscosity VPN for Mac OS X,

Contact:  Salim Parak -- salimp@google.com

Taikoo Place Lincoln House, Hong Kong Island