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Course Outline
This 3 day hands-on course provides administrators and developers the foundation knowledge to administrate and customize their Google Search Appliance.  This course introduces the fundamentals of:

  • Crawling and indexing documents from web servers and file systems
  • Using feeds and connectors to insert content (content management systems) into the index
  • Implmenting Onebox modules
  • Modifying the presentation of search results
  • Implementing security when serving results
  • This course will NOT cover the 5.2 features


  • Concepts covered require a basic understanding of html, xml, sql, web-servers, databases and content management systems  
Day 1: Crawling and serving web content 
  • Understand end user experience
  • Understand how the Continuous Crawler locates and indexes content
  • Learn how to interpret Crawl Diagnostics
  • Navigate the Administration console
  • Create, manage and test Front Ends with the Page Layout Helper
  • Create Key Match and Related Queries
  • Implement Query Expansion
  • Create and Manage Collections

Day 2: Onebox Modules, Indexing with feeds

  • Understand how Onebox Modules integrates with enterprise applications
  • Understand the difference between internal and external Onebox modules
  • Modify the XSLT stylesheet for Onebox results
  • Integrate a Onebox Module within a Front End
  • Understand how Feeds integrate with content management systems
  • Create and submit different types of feeds: Web, Metadata and Content
  • Index database content including blob data
  • Connector Framework Overview

Day 3: Reporting, Security, Modifying XSLT stylesheet

  • Understand how Crawl and Serve Security functions
  • Implement Directory Service (LDAP) integration
  • Understand and implement Forms Authentication Security
  • Run reports including Crawl Queue and Search Reports
  • Understand query request parameters
  • Understand the XML response object
  • Use the Version Manager to upgrade the Google Search Appliance
  • Learn where all Google Search Appliance documentation is located