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Language:  Course will be delivered mostly in Portuguese with only a few sections in English

Apps200: Pre-Course Work
To maximize the session's time, there is a pre-work assignment that must be completed PRIOR to class.  It should take about 3-4 hours to complete the exercises including the video tutorial.
Step 1:  Complete this pre-work (Apps100) assignment             
Step 2:  Register your domain for class on this form      
Step 3:  Install the following Required Software
   Remote Desktop (Windows or Mac), 
   Optional installation:  Python 2.6
Step 4:  Watch the video on Google data center security and visit the Security First site
Step 5:  If you are not familiar with the suite of Google Apps watch the following  videos 

Apps300: Pre-Course Work
    • Attendance in the Apps200 course
    • Basics of Project Management
    • Once registered, a pre-course work assignment will be sent to you
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